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Roofer Combine India Pvt Ltd

About Us

Established in 1972, Roofers Combine Private Limited is one of the most trusted waterproofing brands in India. As one of the early movers in the industry, we have leveraged our experience in creating reliable, effective, and lasting waterproofing solutions across industries. From commercial terraces with light and heavy traffic, to indoor areas with prolonged wetness, our solutions are customised to your specific needs, ensuring a perfect fit for your puzzle.

Architects /Consultants We Are Associated

M/s Rajinder Kumar & Associates, New Delhi.
M/s Hafiz Contractor, Bombay.
M/s Raja Aederi Consultants, Bombay.
M/s Raj Rewal & Associates, New Delhi.
M/s Kothari & Associates, New Delhi.
M/s Semac Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi.
M/s Bose Brothers, New Delhi.
M/s Technical Project Consultant, New Delhi.
M/s Stein Doshi & Bhalla, Ahmedabad, New Delhi.
M/s Achal Kataria Associates, New Delhi.
M/s Mahender Raj Consultants, New Delhi.
M/s Raj Rewal & Associates, New Delhi.
M/s Stup Consultants, New Delhi.
M/s. SWBI, New Delhi/Gurgaon.
M/s Charles Correa, Bombay.
M/s Arcops, New Delhi.
M/s PC Design Consultants Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi.
M/s Warerkar & Associates , New Delhi.
M/s Kanvinde Rai & Chaudhary, New Delhi.
M/s Doshi Raje Architects, Ahmedabad.
M/s Kothari & Associates, New Delhi.
M/s. Morphogenesis, New Delhi.
M/s Design Plus, New Delhi.
M/s Jasbir Sawhney & Associates, New Delhi.

Our Team

Founded by Mr. J. M. S. Gupta with a passionate desire to set and raise quality standards in construction waterproofing, we have developed unique systems with our decades-rich experience, for your long-term peace of mind.

Our team has grown significantly over the years, with trained foremen – each with 20 years’ worth experience, skilled engineers and trained labourers. We deep-dive and conduct extensive research into your challenges, allowing us to create training modules that are constantly updated to keep the team at the forefront of innovation. Our workforce in entirely internal, ensuring personal monitoring and constant support at every stage of the project and beyond, pan-India.


Roofers Combine takes the metaphor of bringing like minds together under one roof, literally. We aim to be your most trusted partner in waterproofing solutions, guaranteeing 100% success, while placing your interests above our own. With personalized attention, honesty, and dedication, our waterproofing strategies stand the test of time.